What People Say.

“Your approach is so welcoming that it set your participants at ease, yet so professional that the most experienced of us were challenged and received great benefit of it.

I am a board member of the world’s largest gospel music organization and the Houston CEO, the Chapter Representative, and I desire that all of the three hundred plus members of our local affiliate have the opportunity to attend your seminar or one designed specifically for it.”

Gospel Music Workshop of America, Inc/Houston Chapter


“Attending the Laura Jane Music Workshop was such an enlightening opportunity to share tools available to the music community. I was most impressed with technical professionalism. With over 50 years in the music business is so refreshing to Continue Expansion of growth within my craft.”

Vocal Coach, only female member of the group WAR


“I really loved the experience and felt that the team with both the workshop and studio were really aligned and organized. The workshop also gave me what I wanted and more, I loved harmonizing with everybody and getting to meet other singers. I really enjoyed it, even though it was long hours on paper I never got bored or wanted to leave, I loved it!!”

Saxophonist, Vocalist, Composer


“The vocal workshop that I attended held by Laura Jane was full of priceless nuggets regarding true industry knowledge and tricks of the trade teqniques. As a professional vocalist I have learned that every amazing singer needs ongoing training from a seasoned vocal coach. It was exhilarating to be in a class that consisted of singers as young as 12 to industry legends as old as 70. All encouraging one another to stretch their abilities.”

Singer, Songwriter, Booking Agent, Vendor


“Laura Jane’s event was so encouraging and inspiring. I strengthened my abilities to read sheet music, strategize with others to learn how to blend vocals well and she brought out my performance skills to the max. Thanks Laura for putting on this event!”

Artist, Vocalist, Composer, Producer


“In my life and time as a career professional musician, I have had the honor and privilege of working with the absolute best artisans in the area of vocal music – solo singers, session background artists, teachers and performance coaches. After 30+ years in the business, it is a long list. After observing two sensational master classes from Laura Jane Jones, my list has one more name on it. If you are serious about having a sustainable career as a vocal musician, you should not miss an opportunity to attend her future workshops or study with her privately. Whatever you are trying to do vocally, she has the answer – in “earned credits”.”

Musical Director/Composer/Naras Life member