“My Journey into vocal coaching and mentoring young artists is something that sought me out, rather than the other way around. Young people started asking me “will you listen to my song?” Or “Can you help me with my song for my audition?”, “will you come to a meeting with me?”…..in the beginning most of these young artists seeking my help and advice were young women or teenage girls who had little or no experience in the entertainment business. Over time I started vocal coaching on a need to need basis. I realized and remembered when I was coming up, how I needed guidance, advice and help. Recognizing this need for this next generation of artists and finally understanding that I actually could help is what organically started my journey into vocal coaching and mentoring….”

Laura Jane vocal coaches, mentors and conducts her own masterclasses and workshops. She has worked, participated or coached at SCHOOL OF ROCK (Los Angeles Music Academy), MUSICIAN’S INSTITUTE (Los Angeles), OC HIT FACTORY – THE ACADEMY (Orange County) , MUSICIANS WOODSHED (Austin, Texas). Laura Jane launched the Laura Jane International Vocal Studio in connection with Jane Global Music Services and is committed to encouraging, supporting and expanding music education for all in any project that fits.

Laura Jane is the head of the board for a new creative facility called FUTURE STARS OF HOUSTON located in the historic Houston Heights of Houston, Texas. Future Stars of Houston is an interactive creative space for young people. It’s a 9,000 square feet space offering programs in music, art, and dance. It also serves as an event space for the community. For more information and to sign up for their programs please visit their website.